Meet Amy:

AMY finishes with her Reiki client, Barbara, and she tidies up her studio.

It was a great session. Barbara’s been a regular client, every two weeks, for the past year and she raves how good Amy is.

She’s convinced Amy has magic hands and a special gift for wellness.

It’s just too bad the community doesn’t know how great Amy is.

She has more openings in her schedule than she wants. She has to wait another three hours before she sees her second (and last) client for the day.

If only she could have more raving clients like Barbara . . .

Amy worries, at this rate, she’ll have to look for some uninspiring job to pay the bills. It’s not what she wants, but she can’t keep going like this. She knows her savings will probably only last another two months and then the choice will be made for her.

Amy feels like she’s tried everything. She’s done mail outs in her community. She’s sat for hours at trade shows, as people walk past her booth. She’s bought ads in the local paper and she’s even tried Groupon.

She was convinced if she deeply discounted her service, she would attract tons of new clients and she could then “wow” them with her service.

That didn’t happen . . .

All she got were people looking for a cheap wellness session. They were so demanding and not a single person re-booked. They didn’t even tip!

So discouraging . . .

Amy feels like there’s some invisible barrier that’s keeping her from having the wellness practice she really wants. She longs for a full practice, with clients she would love to work with. She knows she has so much to offer . . .

Amy is trained in a number of wellness modalities: table relaxation massage, reflexology, Reiki and aromatherapy.

Every day she looks at her empty schedule and feels more disheartened.

She was just about to the point where she was going to close down her wellness practice and start looking for other work, when she, by chance, bumped into Erica at the local mall.

Meet Erica:

Amy and Erica had trained together in their very first massage program many years ago and following graduation, Erica had moved many miles away. Now she was living back in the same city as Amy.

They decided to go for coffee and catch up. So much had happened since their training days.

Erica told Amy she was crazy busy and she was booking clients three weeks out. Amy, embarrassingly, told Erica that she was struggling and was one step away from quitting her wellness career.

This shocked Erica, because she knew how good Amy was. She had stood out as one of the best students in their program.

She asked Amy what wasn’t working for her and she told her that she felt like she was invisible in her community. She only had a few regular clients and too many open spots on her schedule. She was barely making a living.

That’s when Erica asked if she could offer Amy some career advice and Amy said she would welcome it.

Erica said: “You need to increase your community presence so the people you’re meant to work with will know you exist and will have a reason to come to you.”

“The very best way to increase your community visibility quickly and affordably is by becoming certified in chair massage and offering your chair massage service in the places where your ideal clients congregate”.

Erica told Amy that that’s what she had done and now she has two reliable sources of  income: her chair massage income and the income she gets from her chair massage clients, who are also her private clients, booking other wellness services.

Erica said as soon as she incorporated chair massage into her wellness practice, it was if she shone more brightly in her community, attracting the people she was really meant to serve.

If she had waited for referrals or word-of-mouth to bring her new clients, she firmly believed she wouldn’t have survived as a wellness practitioner.

Knowing how successful Erica was gave Amy hope that maybe should could turn things around. She asked Erica what was the name of the chair massage training course she took?

Erica said it was the Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course from Integra College.

While Amy was excited, she did have some questions and concerns.

“I can’t afford another training program with a high tuition and I can’t afford to travel to another city to train and be in class full time.”

Erica said, “That’s the great thing about the Quick Start Online Chair Massage Course. It’s affordable and 100% online and you complete the course on your own schedule. You’ll learn the chair massage routines through step-by-step modules and videos. At certain points in the course, you’ll record yourself demonstrating the massage routines on volunteers. You’ll upload your videos to    your instructor, who will assess our massages and give you detailed feedback.

In less than 30 days you can be completely trained, certified and ready to start making money providing chair massages. And you’ll never have to spend any time in the classroom or have the expense of travelling out of town.

Erica said: “The best thing is that you will be making steady money while you’re performing chair massage and some of your chair massage clients will connect with you in such a way that they will want to become loyal, private clients for your other wellness services!”

The best of both worlds!

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Bob Hanley & Kathy Bell – Integra College   

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